Quakers have a long tradition of being active in, and seeking to make a difference to, the world in which they find themselves. In their actions they seek to put Quaker testimonies such as equality, peace and integrity into practice, as best they can. This website aims to bring together the many different ways in which they have done this, all over the world. There are three areas on this website:

  • Quakers in Action, a database describing as many as possible of the different things Quakers/Friends have done, and are doing, all over the world.
  • Ideas for Educators is about using Quakers in Action and related resources in different learning contexts.
  • Discussion Areas are for exploring ideas and developing initiatives.

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Featured Articles

Illustration for Meeting for Sufferings
Meeting for Sufferings (MfS) is British Friends’ key strategic body. It was established in response to the sufferings Quakers experienced in the early days, hence its name. Its role was soon broadened and it has played an important part in British Quakers’ responses to the needs of their time ever since. The name has never been changed.
Illustration for Restorative Practice in Schools
In the early 2000’s the use of Restorative Justice as a way of addressing youth crime began to attract the interest of some educationalists. Both youth justice professionals and the police encouraged this interest, as a way of reducing the use of exclusion. They were motivated by research showing the high correlation between youth street crime and youngsters out of school.
Illustration for Peace Brigades International
Peace Brigades International is a non-governmental organisation operating in conflict zones around the world, promoting non-violence and protecting human rights. It is not a Quaker organisation, but its work is grounded in Quaker and Gandhian principles, Quakers were instrumental in its establishment, and many Quakers still work with the organisation today. In 2001, PBI was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by the American Friends Service Committee.
Illustration for John Horniman
John Horniman (1803-1893) was a Quaker tea merchant and philanthropist. As a merchant, he ensured that his tea was sold as an unadulterated product, safe to drink. As a philanthropist, he supported many charities, and endowed a children’s trust whose work continues to this day.

Featured Ideas for Educators

Human Rights
The pack contains a short play based on Margaret Mattson’s trial for witchcraft in Pennsylvania in 1683. There are Teacher Notes with suggestions on how the play could be used and ideas for following up.

Featured Discussion Areas