Quakers have a long tradition of being active in, and seeking to make a difference to, the world in which they find themselves. In their actions they seek to put Quaker testimonies such as equality, peace and integrity into practice, as best they can. This website aims to bring together the many different ways in which they have done this, all over the world. There are three areas on this website:

  • Quakers in Action, a database describing as many as possible of the different things Quakers/Friends have done, and are doing, all over the world.
  • Ideas for Educators is about using Quakers in Action and related resources in different learning contexts.
  • Discussion Areas are for exploring ideas and developing initiatives.

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Featured Articles

Illustration for Bayard Rustin
Bayard Rustin (1912-1987) was a black Civil Rights activist, a close associate of Martin Luther King, and an advocate of gay and lesbian rights, and a Quaker.
Illustration for Mediation During the Nigerian Civil War 1967-70
In 1967, following communal violence, an area of Eastern Nigeria calling itself Biafra, sought independence. In the civil war that followed (1967-1970), the area was cut off from the rest of the world and its population suffered starvation. Three Quakers took part in mediation with the leaders on both sides. The American Friends Service Committee ran relief programmes.
Illustration for Turning the Tide
Turning the Tide is a training programme run by Quaker Peace and Social Witness (British Friends). It aims to help people use the power of nonviolence to ‘turn the tide’ of injustice, oppression and disempowerment and to build an inclusive, sustainable and fair world. They offer workshops, speakers, advice and resources. They also publish a periodic journal, Making Waves.
Illustration for Wool and Cloth Production
Although Quakers were not as significant in the wool and cloth industry as they were in other sectors, they were well represented. As in other fields, they helped to promote good business practices, and better conditions for workers.

Featured Ideas for Educators

Human Rights
The pack contains a short play based on Margaret Mattson’s trial for witchcraft in Pennsylvania in 1683. There are Teacher Notes with suggestions on how the play could be used and ideas for following up.

Featured Discussion Areas