Quakers have a long tradition of being active in, and seeking to make a difference to, the world in which they find themselves. In their actions they seek to put Quaker testimonies such as equality, peace and integrity into practice, as best they can. This website aims to bring together the many different ways in which they have done this, all over the world. There are three areas on this website:

  • Quakers in Action, a database describing as many as possible of the different things Quakers/Friends have done, and are doing, all over the world.
  • Ideas for Educators is about using Quakers in Action and related resources in different learning contexts.
  • Discussion Areas are for exploring ideas and developing initiatives.

Please read the about us page to find out more about us and the aims of this site.

Featured Articles

Illustration for Restorative Justice
Restorative justice is based on repairing the harm done by wrongdoing. Offenders are encouraged to take responsibility for what they have done. Quakers are active in this, because this speaks to the good in everyone, and can bring about healing for victims, offenders and the community.
Illustration for James Nayler
James Nayler was one of the most prominent early Quaker preachers, and was known for the power of his ministry and his charismatic effect on many followers. On his deathbed he uttered some words that inspire today’s James Nayler Foundation.
Illustration for Mission in Australia: James Backhouse and George Washington Walker
These nineteenth century Quaker missionaries travelled extensively throughout Australia, where they reported on conditions in the penal colonies and aboriginal settlements. Their six-year mission helped Quakerism take root in Australia. they also visited Mauritius and South Africa. Australian Friends’ annual Backhouse lecture commemorates James Backhouse.
Illustration for Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)
The Friends Committee on National Legislation, founded in 1943, is a Quaker lobby organisation in the USA. It seeks to bring spiritual values and Friends' testimonies to bear on public policy decisions at the Federal level. Its management committee brings together representatives from all three Quaker traditions in the US.

Featured Ideas for Educators

Human Rights
The pack contains a short play based on Margaret Mattson’s trial for witchcraft in Pennsylvania in 1683. There are Teacher Notes with suggestions on how the play could be used and ideas for following up.

Featured Discussion Areas