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Relief Given to Victims of Conflict 1
Quakers have long coupled their refusal to bear arms with the provision of relief to victims of conflict, regardless of which side they are on, if any. They have often remained involved long after hostilities have ceased, to help rebuild and develop devastated communities.
Studying the Skies: Meteorology and Astronomy 1
The spiritual values of Quakerism have led many Quakers to closely observe and seek to make sense of the natural world around them,notably in Meteorology and Astronomy.
Pharmacists 1
During the eighteenth and early nineteenth century, many Quakers set up businesses as pharmacists. In 1841, three of them helped establish the Pharmaceutical Society, to oversee and regulate the profession.
Luke Howard 141.2913761138916
Luke Howard (1772 – 1864) was a pharmacist and meteorologist who created a classification of the clouds.
Quakers in Germany 1657–1918 1
Quaker missionaries first came to Germany in 1657. Later many German Quakers went to Pennsylvania, and some were early antislavery campaigners. Quakerism also persisted in Germany itself.
William Allen 1
(1770-1843) became an eminent pharmacist. A generous philanthropist and activist, he supported many causes - anti-slavery, poverty, emergency relief, and education. He travelled widely in Europe and Russia, in connection with these.
Interaction with Tsarist Russia 1
(1698 - 1919) Several Quakers met Russian Tsars and their diplomats, and discussed many topics. There were significant impacts on Russian education, agriculture and health. Towards the end of the period Friends’ focus was on relief - for victims of wars, for communities suffering famine, and for minorities suffering because of their beliefs.
Ruth Fry 1
Anna Ruth Fry (1878-1962) was secretary to the Friends War Victims Relief Committee from 1914 to 1923. During this time, she travelled to every country in which the FWVRC worked, including making three trips to Russia under very difficult conditions.
Elizabeth Brown 1
Elizabeth Brown (1830-1899) was a British Quaker and amateur astronomer who made important observations of sunspots and the solar eclipse.