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Quakers in the World

Crime and Justice in the Americas


Quakers in Canada and the United States are actively engaged in their respective criminal justice systems. Capital punishment remains a significant theme in the US, and was in Canada until it was abolished. Restorative justice and community support are  central themes in current work.


The Canadian Friends Service Committee has a strand of activity called Quakers Fostering Justice (QFJ). Their work is inspired by their belief that Canadian legal and prison systems, like many others, are blind to that of God in everyone.

They campaigned against capital punishment in Canada, until it was abolished in 1976. They are active proponents of the Circles of Support and Accountability approach to supporting paedophiles to live safely in the community, a project initiated by Canadian Mennonites. Canadian Quakers also helped to introduce this work into the UK, through British Quakers. Restorative Justice is another key area.

Canadian Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends is a founding member of the Church Council on Justice and Corrections (CCJC), an ecumenical group concerned with justice issues in Canada.  Much of QFJ's work is done in collaboration with them.

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